Friday, July 27, 2007

just starting out

I have now been married for six years to an amazing man who........yes can send me into crazy fits of madness..........but is also everything I could have ever hoped for in a lifetime partner. A lot of people in the media portray a marriage as something to be endured, and I am here to tell you it is something to revel in. There are always questionairres going around the e-mail circuit that ask you this and that about yourself in hopes your buddies will get to know you question that seems to be on a lot of them is........what are you listening to? Right now, I am listening to the music of my house. What is this you ask....well, at the moment, it is: our youngest son laughing, a children's movie, footsteps overhead of children playing, and tired children getting ready for bed. This is my favorite music. Oh yes, I do listen to "real" music, but this is still my favorite.
Now I know this all sounds very wholesome and pure, and I know that the title of my page is thoughts on sex (there was an and marriage in the title in case you missed it). This was just a start. I will post about every other day about different things..........YES including sex......